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Teamwork Makes the Dreams Work

By Stagedge Team | 3 min read
Teamwork Makes the Dreams Work

From Concept to Completion, Teamwork is the Driving Force Behind Putting Together a Successful Event!

1689799624433 Not to sound too cliche here, but “teamwork truly does make the dreams work.” Football coaching legend Vince Lombardi put it best; “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

You’ve heard us talk about the value of partnerships and how those translate effectively into the event lifecycle. You’ve also heard us talk about the value of the process and the journey and how we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team. These core values can be categorized under our “the importance of teamwork” umbrella.

So, what does “the importance of teamwork” mean to us here at Stagedge? What is “it” that makes teamwork, work?

It ENCOURAGES collaboration that fosters an inspirational work environment.

It INCREASES motivation.

It BOOSTS team rapport.

It ESTABLISHES comradery.

It CREATES a positive employee experience.

It IMPROVES productivity and the quality of work.

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At the recent ADI/FTC event in Orlando, the power of teamwork was on full display. We were able to pull a few key team members away from their busy schedules to ask them “why teamwork is the driving force behind putting together a successful event.”

Allison Vecchione, Account Executive at Stagedge had this to say:

When I see the team work together to put on a successful event, it means so much to me because I know how hard each team member works. I know the calls that they take off hours. I know the hours on end on Zoom and Teams. I know the emails and the thought that they put into every little piece of the event, how hard they've worked, and how much they care about the event and what happens. At the end of an event when a client is appreciative of what we've done it is the best moment for me and the team. But I think there is a sense that we're all marching towards that goal and running that race to the end.

Richard “Mank” Mankiewicz​, Sr. Director of Production at Stagedge gave this response:

 It starts with the team that we select. That team must work together and be cohesive. If we select the correct team, the event is going to be a success. After 6, 8, and 12 months of planning when you see the people walking in on opening day with their smiling faces and clapping hands, and when the client walks up to you immediately and says “Amazing”, it makes you feel good. It’s a team effort and when we put together a successful event, I’m thrilled.

Watch Mank put it in his own words.



Barbara White, Senior Producer, and Freelancer echoed both Allison’s and Mank’s sentiments but got a little more candid on why teamwork was so important for this specific event. Here’s what she had to say:

To put on a successful event, it takes learning what the client needs, the right team to execute those needs, and a passion for delivering a great show. It is such a great feeling to see the attendees walk in for the first time, soak in the experience, and be a part of something beyond their expectations. As a producer, I work directly with the clients to ensure that all the needs of the event are met. This particular event has been special because it’s a new venue for this client, we’ve implemented several new technologies, produced a week’s worth of general sessions and breakouts, and supported our clients' initiatives. We successfully delivered a great experience for all the attendees.

Watch Barbara's clip on why she believes “teamwork” is the key to producing a successful event.



Our Success is Contingent on the Success of our Clients

At Stagedge, one of our core values is “UNITY”. We value teamwork and clear communication when working with others. And “working with others” means that we can celebrate this value not just with our internal team, but with all of you – our clients, our prospects, our partners, our vendors, and our friends.

Look at the testimonials/answers from Allison, Mank, and Barbara again. The one common theme mentioned by all three is “success.” Working collectively as a team, it is the success of our clients that defines us as a company, it’s in our DNA.

From pre-event discovery and project kickoff meetings to post-event analysis and debriefing sessions, our team (defined together) will work collaboratively and collectively with you every step of the way.

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