iRobot at HubWeek

Our commitment to excellence with every project prompted iRobot to call upon us to assist them with several customer-facing activations.
iRobot at HubWeek

HubWeek is an annual event in Boston that brings together innovators from around the world and from every industry. This event is thought of as a “giant petri dish that welcomes impact-oriented artists, academics, entrepreneurs, researchers, executives, makers, and up-and-comers.” iRobot management decided that they wanted a meaningful presence at HubWeek with a presentation that genuinely represented iRobot’s place in the future of home technology.


Stagedge has worked with iRobot significantly since 2007 as their production AV partner. Our ability to function as an extension of their internal team over the last 12 years, coupled with our commitment to excellence with every project, has prompted iRobot to call upon us to assist them with several customer-facing activations. This particular project, HubWeek, came up quickly and involved a true collaboration between Stagedge and iRobot. The vision for what this presentation might look like was clear, and together as a team, we defined what exactly that meant in terms of the production details.

Stagedge Solutions

Beginning with a design the iRobot team created from existing trade show booth assets, a set was designed to offer a live stage presentation that highlighted the features of the new iRobot 7 and how it is an integral part of the “Smart Home of the Future” – and that future is now. The iRobot team wrote the script and worked with our team to design the space. A large LED screen, multiple monitors, an array of PA speakers and cameras, and various Smart home devices were all carefully placed and calibrated in a display that helped the audience visualize just how powerful today’s technology is, and how integrated it can be in our everyday lives. Behind the scenes, our producer along with audio, video, and lighting engineers orchestrated a symphony of devices in concert with a Stagedge-provided actor, who realistically and honestly shared the compelling iRobot story to some very enthusiastic audiences.



Despite venue challenges that come with putting up a week-long event on Boston City Hall Plaza in a tent, the presentation in the designated iRobot area was a huge success. Every hour of every day for a week, audiences gathered to engage with the iRobot brand. The connection between iRobot and all the coolest and newest cutting-edge technology available today was made. The feedback we received from iRobot Management, in the end, was, “This is exactly what I had hoped it would be”.