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By Stagedge Team

Finding Longevity and Satisfaction: Three Reasons to Consider a Career in the Events Industry

The events industry is growing & shows no signs of slowing down. Learn why this career's a smart long-term choice for creative, collaborative individuals.
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By Stagedge Team

How Children’s Television Led to Stagedge: A Senior Producer On Career, Colleagues, and the Role of a Lifetime

Senior Producer Joey Toppan talks about how she got to Stagedge, what it’s like to work there, and what her role entails.

By Stagedge Team

The 7 Cardinal Sins of Event Planning

Getting back into the live-event game can seem daunting in the post-Covid environment. Avoid these 7 cardinal sins to make your event a success.

By Stagedge Team

How To Uplevel Your Event by Centering the Audience Experience

Great events require more than good presentations. In our blog, learn how to transform your event by taking care of the entire attendee journey.

By Stagedge Team

5 Tips for Making a Vendor Partnership a Win for Everyone

Clients often hire multiple vendors to provide different services. Here are five tips to make vendor collaboration a win for all involved.

By Stagedge Team

Is Video the Content King? 4 Reasons To Add Video to Your Marketing Plan

Video marketing is the most impactful type of content marketing. Learn why this medium is effective, and explore tips for maximizing audience engagement.

By Stagedge Team

Event Tech Breakdown: The Pros and Cons of Four Event Platforms

Event platforms come with a range of features that can be confusing to navigate. In this post, we look at four event platforms and the pros & cons of each.

By Stagedge Team

Creative Content and Communications Success: How To Up Your Game with Video Production

Professional video content is a major differentiator for businesses–but many get it wrong. Learn how to improve your production in our blog post.

By Stagedge Team

Stop Being Reactive With Your Creative Content: 5 Steps for Revamping Your Video Plan

As videos become more prevalent in the market, customer expectations rise—and so, too does the investment of time and resources it takes to bring high-quality videos to life.

By Stagedge Leadership

Moving an Event to Hybrid, Part II: Behind-the-Scenes Event Production Tips from the Experts at Stagedge

In our two-part series, we're bringing you behind the scenes to show you real-life tips on how our event-production experts pivoted from a major international sales event to hybrid.