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By Stagedge Team

Event Planning and the Future of Technology: What You Need to Know Right Now Part 1

Technology has evolved rapidly in the events industry over the past few years. Learn about what tech to incorporate right now, and how to budget for it.
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By Stagedge Leadership

Taking bioMérieux's Annual Sales Meeting Hybrid:

We focus on how bioMérieux went virtual, with tips about livestreaming, audience engagement, and how to utilize show leads for a seamless experience.

By Meghan R. Welborn


In this guidebook, we’ll share lessons learned from decades of experience facilitating impactful events to help organizers adapt to our new hybrid world.

By Stagedge Team

Stagedge stands with the people of Ukraine

Stagedge stands with the people of Ukraine and joins our country in condemning Russia’s invasion of this sovereign nation.

By Meghan R. Welborn

5 Events You Should Consider Moving Online...If you Haven't Already

Virtual events offer greater versatility, flexibility, and accessibility for participants and significantly reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.

By Meghan R. Welborn

Stagedge Responds to Worldstage Closure

Stagedge is disheartened to hear of the closure of WorldStage. WorldStage closes and lays off employees.

By Meghan R. Welborn

Stagedge Gives Higher Ed Leaders a Leg Up During Covid-Era Commencement Planning

Stagedge has launched a new resource for higher education leaders navigating the uncertainties of event planning under Covid.

By Meghan R. Welborn

Creating a Plan B for Commencement Day:  3 Top Takeaways for Higher Ed Event Organizers

In this blog, we’ll share the top three takeaways you need to know to ensure your students get the memorable graduation ceremony they deserve.

By Meghan R. Welborn

Embracing the New Normal in Event Planning: How To Overcome Audience Hesitation at Your Post-Pandemic Live Event

In this blog post, we'll help you do just that by sharing some best practices for overcoming audience hesitation in a post-pandemic world. 

By Meghan R. Welborn

The Power of Interactivity: 10 Creative Ways To Engage Your Hybrid Audience

Hybrid events, with their ability to strike a balance between accessibility and interpersonal connection, are becoming the norm. with distinct audiences.