An Evening Of Xilio History

Xilio Therapeutics is a biotechnology company leveraging proprietary technology to develop next-generation cancer immunotherapies.
An Evening Of Xilio History

Xilio Therapeutics is a biotechnology company leveraging proprietary technology to develop next-generation cancer immunotherapies. Their virtual event, An Evening of Xilio History, highlighted the vital contributions of two of the company’s founding members, as they honored their work and lives, following their passing in the of Spring 2020. This was a time of reflection and recognition, with the company’s heritage proudly on display so that all employees and partners with Xilio could appreciate the achievements that enabled the company to grow and thrive.


Xilio knew in early April that they wanted to hold a special event later in the month to reflect on Xilio’s history. They jumped into action working with a video production company to produce video assets. However, they later realized they would need an experienced virtual production partner to put the live and pre-recorded content together, delivered within a platform that properly supported the high-quality content that was being produced.

With only 12 days before the event took place, Stagedge was brought on board to provide the professional broadcast Xilio was looking for.

Xilio needed a custom-branded landing page with registration that was only accessible to their employees and chosen partners. This was their first virtual event so they needed guidance with transitions between videos/speakers, how to be set up for success connecting from home, and how to create a user experience that matched their vision for the event. The goal was for all attendees to leave the event with a new appreciation and knowledge of the two featured company founders and a clearer understanding of the company's values and mission.

STAGEDGE Solutions

With no time to waste the Stagedge experts immediately started working closely with Xilio’s Director of IT, and their 3rd party IUT vendor to build out a custom-branded landing page and send out registration emails to the attendees. Stagedge worked directly with the Xilio executives, who would be the events' live presenters, for media coaching and rehearsal.

Within one week, Stagedge gathered all content from Xilio and their video production company to create broadcast graphics, virtual backdrops, and a virtual venue website complete with registration for this event.

All while working to put the client at ease knowing that there was a clear production plan to be accomplished for a successful event.


The live event went as planned and featured smooth transitions, crisp audio, and HD quality video content. One panelist had a poor internet connection, but thankfully the Stagedge team had a title slide of him prepared that replaced his frozen image, creating a seamless transition when needed.

xilio thumb 4

A good mix of live presenters/panelists with professionally produced pre-recorded content kept attendees engaged with what was often emotional content remembering those who played such a key role in Xilio’s history.

“Thanks to you and your team for putting together such a smooth event yesterday. The feedback was very positive and it is clear that the presentation of the event enhanced the message.”

Ronan O'Hagan