Dynatrace Virtual Investor Day

The Dynatrace team engaged Stagedge to support the first annual investor day since launching the IPO in 2019. It was critical that they had a team to support the creation of content as well as delivery of that content during a live virtual event.
Dynatrace Virtual Investor Day

This was the team’s first meaningful pivot to virtual and with a short turnaround time the team needed more help from our content creators leading up to the event.  The goal was to capture several executives around the world for a pre-recorded segment and then conduct a live Q&A with the same executives with a seamless transition.


The event was to be hosted on the Dynatrace investor website and Stagedge web developers would need to work closely with the investor web development team to ensure the successful delivery of the live stream to a global audience.



Our team of video producers, web developers, art directors, and production team experts worked hand in hand with all the stakeholders to reduce the risk associated with a live event and provide end-to-end white glove service.


Traditional investor events have relied on audio-only delivery of financial results with relevant financial slides, but with the challenges of COVID-19 limited in-person events, it is becoming critical that clients, employees, and investors see their leadership teams on screen.


“I've used Stagedge for both in-person live events as well as this virtual event. They are truly amazing, and I can't say enough about the quality and professionalism of their work.”

C-Level Executive Dynatrace