Event Strategy

Your event.
Our strategy.

We work with clients to understand the big picture—not just the single event. Our event strategies support our clients’ long-term objectives and drive audiences to take action.

We take the time to understand what makes your organization unique, tailoring recommendations to maximize your event’s reach and desired results. We encourage our clients to bring us in early in the planning process to make sure their event production starts on the right foot—and help anticipate and prevent obstacles.

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Project Management

Event project management is baked into our DNA. We know the importance of investing in infrastructure, staff, and software to foster an ideal working relationship throughout the full-event lifecycle. We’ll create a unique project for your event in our project management software platform - 

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Talent Sourcing

Early legwork is needed to discover the event’s purpose and create alignment. This includes coordinating with the venue/outside talent (keynote speakers, bands, MC’s, etc.)

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Venue Consultation

With 45+ years of experience, the Stagedge team knows the big venues, together with the challenges and advantages of each one. That’s vital experience when it comes to sizing a venue, navigating wayfinding, power, and internet, and negotiating with management and personnel.

We are proud to partner with and support some of the premiere event venues in New England and nationally.

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Goals & Objectives

Your event should be as unique as your organization. After we meet and learn about the event and the client’s culture, we set the expectations and goals for the event environments and presenter/attendee experiences.

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Event Branding & Design

During the pre-event production phase, we’ll learn about your story and how you want to tell it to your audience. We’ll bring your story to life by designing a custom brand experience that resonates both on stage and screen.

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Target Audience

Having a clear understanding of your target audience will help us uniquely tailor the event to meet (and exceed) the goals and objectives of those personas.

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Budgeting & Financial Planning

We will work with you. With total transparency and honesty throughout the pre-event engagement, our process is designed to ensure that our clients know exactly what to expect from their budget.

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Logistics & Operations

From load-in to set-up, to rehearsals, the execution of the live event, and everything in between, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Talent & Content Management

We’ll provide the management of all deliverables, including graphics, wrappers, videos, presentations, and ROS from all parties involved.

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Event Coverage & Media Editing

We capture your event in real time through photos and videos, and edit for full event coverage and distribution creating opportunity for longevity and audience enjoyment.

Post Event
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Post Event Considerations

Our work doesn’t stop when the event is over. We are in it for the long haul. We conduct post debriefing and strategy sessions for future improvement and consideration.

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We review daily goals and timelines during the event and use them for post-event analysis and reporting.

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Event & Content Longevity

After the event has concluded, we will deliver all post-event recordings and assets. Materials can be repurposed and used for future events and other marketing initiatives.

Event strategy
Our solutions in action
Event Strategy

Our mission is to help clients create an event production strategy that delivers unified communications, collaboration, and network optimization solutions that truly meet the needs of the organization and its events.

What does event strategy mean to Stagedge?

We start with your end goals and work backwards to find the correct solutions and processes to make your event a success. Knowing the measurements to which an event will be held helps to create a production that will meet and exceed all expectations, while staying within your target budget.

Why Stagedge? What makes you unique compared to other event production companies?

We are not only able to give guidance, theme, and event suggestions, but we have the bench strength to support your event from ideation to a successful event.

I have multiple events on the horizon. How does Stagedge support my long-term objectives?

Longevity of an event and branding can be key when planning multiple events. Stagedge recognizes and utilizes everything that goes into a single event and repurposes it to successfully manage your budget and promote further events.

Can you help me with pre-production planning?

Yes, we support pre-production planning. Starting off on the right foot supports your event for the entirety of the project's lifetime. Having a production partner to bring together the key players and develop a pre-production strategy, set deadlines, and keep things on track, ensures your project will succeed.

Can you help me with talent sourcing?

Yes! Stagedge has a wide portfolio of industry experts and what it takes to bring your event to life.

How do you handle project management?

By utilizing strategic and customized project management tools, we keep everything on track. Keeping an extensive timeline is imperative to the success of a project and helps to ensure all reviews, approvals, and deadlines are met, keeping within the project goals.

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