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A backstage pass offers an insider's look behind the scenes—how events are staged, what tech is used, and more. Consider this library of articles and case studies your backstage pass—VIP access with everything you need to prepare for your next event.

At Stagedge, It’s the Friends You Make Along the Way

Stagedge Assistant Director of Production Jon-Paul Royer talks about how he entered the event-planning industry, why he loves his job, and the power of having the right team.

By Stagedge Team

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Stop Being Reactive With Your Creative Content: 5 Steps for Revamping Your Video Plan

As videos become more prevalent in the market, customer expectations rise—and so, too does the investment of time and resources it takes to bring high-quality videos to life.

By Stagedge Team

Resources are at a premium in 2022 - BOOK NOW to HOLD THE DATE!

Teams and tech are at premium in 2022 and we want to continue giving you our BEST! BOOK NOW to HOLD THE DATE and we'll work through the details as they evolve...In-person, hybrid, or virtual. We'll have you covered.

By Meghan R. Welborn

Celebration of Latino Cinema - Highlight Reel


By Meghan R. Welborn

Press Release


By Meghan R. Welborn

Celebrating Black Cinema in the Virtual Age

As we honor Black History month, Stagedge is proud to partner with The Critics Choice Association, to bring the 3rd Annual Celebration of Black Cinema to life.

By Stagedge Team

6 Tips to Maximize Your Virtual Opportunity

To help your organization take virtual events to the next level, our experts are sharing their top 6 tips to maximize your virtual opportunity!

By Stagedge Team

Your Virtual Event Needs These 5 Things:

As virtual events evolve from the exception to the norm -your event planning must evolve too. Here are 5 ways to ensure your virtual event is a great brand experience.

By Stagedge Team

Expectation vs. Reality: 4 Key Learnings from Producing Virtual Events

Our production experts are sharing their top 4 most important key learnings from 'the new normal' of virtual events.

By Stagedge Team

Video from Home: How To Look (and Sound) Your Best On Camera

Sharing video from home is a great way to maintain your face-to-face communication with your audience, but it can be a challenge - Here's our tips for looking and sounding your best on camera!

By Stagedge Team