Continuum Executive Summary

Continuum is the IT Management platform company that allows Managed IT Service providers (MSPs) to maintain and back up on-premise and cloud-based servers, desktops, mobile devices and other end points for small and medium sized businesses.
“Navigate” is their annual user conference focusing on the latest innovations in network peer-to-peer, training and system solutions for MSP businesses and organizations.



Continuum looks to raise the bar each year in their successful series of Navigate User Conferences and Navigate2018 was no exception. This 1,000-attendee event spanning three days is their flagship program combining General Session presentations, noted Keynote Speakers and a trade-show style Innovation Center where partnering providers share products, services and support.

Continuum had several base-line needs that required unique technical solutions to create an immersive experience that not only told their diverse story but also showcased many of their systems in action.

Stagedge Solutions

Working directly with Continuum’s technical and creative teams, massAV was asked to deliver “The Big Story”. Why is Continuum changing industry paradigms? How do they do it? And Where is the Future Going? This resulted in a powerful opening video that set the table for the increasing excitement that would follow over the course of three days.

Next, was the SOCC (Security Operations Control Center). This was an “experience theater exhibit” staged on the trade-show floor outside the main ballroom entrance and took attendees on a journey from the very first signs of a network threat through identification and resolution. The exhibit ran continuously to full-house attendance each day and not only showed Continuum and their partners products and services in action…it turned up several valuable leads for the attending sales force.

Lastly, Continuum asked massAV to create a “Grand Entrance” to the main ballroom. One that would certainly stand up to the promise of “Show Business”. Taking our cues from that keyword, massAV employed our latest LED solution and constructed a marque entrance that was larger than life. When a still-image banner just would not do, massAV designers not only assembled the LED Marque but also brought it to life with dynamic content that announced sessions, speakers and proudly displayed sponsor logos.

Throughout the days of the event, massAV camera crews were there with full coverage of the event, creating a re-cap video that reminded each attendee why Navigate2018 was the best tech conference they had attended all year.



In the end, it’s all about the experience. Not just for attendees, but for the collaborating teams making it all happen as well. The Continuum team and their planners merged with massAV like they have been together for years. Each aspect of the event outmatched the next and as the bar raised higher and higher, so did the quality of the relationship. Today, in the wake of this event, Continuum and massAV are eagerly looking towards 2019 where expectations will certainly be exceeded once again.

The floorplan was well thought out and scalable to meet the shifting needs of the growing attendance, while resolving challenges in a space with many support pillar structures.