Thermo Fisher Town Hall

Thermo Fisher reaches its global workforce by livestreaming a town hall and interactive Q&A with its top executives.
Thermo Fisher Town Hall

Thermo Fisher Scientific needed to effectively communicate with their global workforce through regularly scheduled, live Town Hall presentations directly from the CEO, which included live Q&A with employees.

Real-time communication was paramount while maintaining a high level of production quality and delivery. Stagedge's virtual event experts traveled our state-of-the-art video, lighting, and streaming equipment to Thermo Fisher’s world headquarters to broadcast directly from their campus.


Cost is always a factor when creating event experiences, and large-scale internal communications meetings, even audio-only formats can be costly, while overall experience is subpar.

Real-time, multi-site interactivity presents security and technology challenges, which is why our team collaborated with Thermo Fisher’s IT department, to ensure the technology was up to its specification and the proper streaming security protections were in place.


Finally, producing a virtual experience that is worthy of the iconic Thermo Fisher brand, meant the delivery must be broadcast quality and not like a remote communication tool (Zoom, Teams, etc..).

Stagedge Solutions

Stagedge engineers worked with the Thermo Fisher team to develop solutions that met their quality and security standards, running exhaustive testing protocols before the first Town Hall.

Our livestreaming experts directed the programs, which were monitored for quality and security throughout the broadcasts and made process improvements in coordination with the company’s IT team as needed.  

Time and again, The Town Hall broadcasts have successfully connected Thermo Fisher employees with company leadership in an immersive, engaging, and cost-effective way.



This cost-effective, secure, and stable video streaming solution accommodated 20,000+ simultaneous viewers, to seamlessly connect employees around the globe from within their homes or at the office.

Each broadcast has seen consistently strong attendance and growing engagement. With the value proven from the first broadcast, employees are consistently tuning in to receive important updates from senior leadership and get their questions answered.

In fact, hundreds of employee comments/questions are submitted during each broadcast.  Many employees continue to express their gratitude for how beneficial these live sessions are to them.

Today was flawless by your team! Really super and appreciate all the hard work. I look forward to partnering with you on future events.

MB Hodgkiss, Senior Director, Employee Communications