Analog Devices Global Sales Conference

ADI turned to Stagedge to help conceptualize, plan, and, of course, execute their first Global Sales Conference in nearly 20 years.
Analog Devices Global Sales Conference

Analog Devices (ADI) is a multinational semiconductor company specializing in data conversion and signal processing technology. Through 50-plus years, ADI has become synonymous with excellence and reliability, making its products the top choice across industries with the most comprehensive quality-control requirements, including aerospace/defense, automotive safety, healthcare, energy, process control, industrial automation, and security/surveillance.

The differentiator at Analog Devices is innovation. It’s what sets them apart in their industry and what they require from their partners. When the 2017 acquisition of Linear Technology Corporation nearly doubled ADI’s portfolio and customer base, they wanted to bring everyone together to begin building a new, much larger future.

ADI turned to Stagedge to help conceptualize, plan, and, of course, execute their first Global Sales Conference in nearly 20 years. It would be the first GSC for the new ADI.


Stagedge Solutions

The message that great organizations are more than the sum of their parts was critical, so Stagedge crafted several video pieces delivered before, during, and after the event.

First, a personal message from Senior VP Martin Cotter, building anticipation and calling for each attendee to bring their energy and ideas. Second, a larger-than-life, three-screen opening video celebrating powerful global mergers and featuring the very architects of ADI’s new beginning. And finally, a “look back” video highlighting the exciting three-day event.

The overall experience combined branded areas throughout the venue, team-building activities, and training modules across the expansive Marriott Palm Springs Resort. A total of 1,500 attendees all shared an immersive experience that is still resonating today.


Exactly as desired, ADI’s sales associates came away from the conference feeling unified and energized by the company’s growth and strength. Stagedge has partnered with ADI for more than 20 years on training and internal events, but the 2017 Worldwide Sales Conference was a new beginning for our collaboration as well. Partnering on the event’s messaging and agenda allowed us to offer expertise and experience from a perspective they did not have. Our on-site staging delivery and creative production brought this ambitious, wide-reaching project to life in a way that exceeded expectations.