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“The team at Stagedge did an extraordinary job producing the Foster Forward 25th Anniversary Virtual Celebration!”
Lisa Guillette, Executive Director


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Executive Summary

With the strict gathering guidelines in place due to COVID19, Nationally recognized non-profit Foster Forward knew they needed to pivot to a virtual fundraising event that would provide them with the vital funding to continue their day to day operations improving the lives of foster children.

Foster Forward partnered with Greater Giving to setup a live auction, complete with a virtual ‘Giving thermometer’ and featuring the names of donors displayed in real time and integrated into the broadcast.

To execute this multi-state production, massAV travelled the critical equipment and team of virtual event experts to the studio in Rhode Island where, adhering to new socially distance and sterilization protocols, our team brought the virtual experience to life and delivered the broadcast-quality live stream to the nationwide audience.


Being their first virtual event, Foster Forward needed guidance on how to integrate real time giving and a live auction on a website, with the live stream broadcast featuring an Emcee driving the fundraising effort with call to actions.

Foster Forward had previously signed a contract with a production company in anticipation of using them for the live event. When the live event went virtual it was important to find a way for the existing production company/contract to be involved so that financial resources weren’t wasted. resonating today.


Stagedge Expertise

Stagedge was able to integrate Greater Giving into the live broadcast to display a running fundraising ticker along the bottom of the screen to recognize every donor.

Producing a live auction and empowering the Emcee to speak directly to the participants and activities happening in real time on their website.

Stagedge virtual event experts collaborated with studio crew members to capture presenters, and live stream the event in high definition to Foster Forward’s nationwide audience.


Foster Forward’s biggest fundraising event of the year went flawlessly, and exceeded giving expectations, with attendees actively engaged in the live auction, calls for giving, and chat.

Foster Forward looks forward to working with Stagedge on future events.


What Foster Forward has to say

“Thank you, amazing job!!!  We are getting great feedback about our event.  You and your team were just fantastic to work with.  We are so pleased.”        

Lisa Guillette
Executive Director