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What Video Production Studio Services Can Do for You

What Video Production Studio Services Can Do for You

Video has rapidly become one of the most important aspect to any organization’s marketing strategy From hardware and software developers to educational institutions, we’re seeing the impact of video be felt across a wide range of industries as Marketing leaders integrate video into not only their digital strategies, but into their live events as well. This integration is becoming more innovative, with many businesses looking to augment their event-video experiences with animation, motion graphics, projection mapping, and more. As the technology and creativity is elevated, so are the expectations of the viewer. Which is why it’s important to have a video production partner that can turn your good idea into a great video experience.

Use a video production studio to make your product videos shine

Product videos are a great way to show off a top product, whether it’s chock full of new features or a tried-and-true product you’re looking to feature in a new light. Highlighting products in video is also a great way to get people browsing online to hit that “Buy Now” button. Research shows that 46% of users act after viewing an ad. Why wouldn’t you want to increase your sales by that impressive number?

The secret to getting consumers to act on a product video is by starting with a video that is professional, eye-catching, and has a clear visual message. To accomplish this, you must have the time, the equipment, and the expertise in-house to make it all look great. Or you can just hire a skilled video production studio to do the work for you.

Great lighting, professional sound, and the tech to edit and add effects will allow your company to showcase your products by showing them in action, and more importantly, give the product video a professional look that will make it stand out on your website or in the consumer’s social media feed.

If you’d like to learn more about the kind of professional equipment massAV offers clients, you can get a look inside our studio by tuning in to our LinkedIn Live series, Backstage Pass. We recently interviewed one of our lighting designers, Tiago Degen-Portnoy, who not only discussed lighting techniques, but his work on the lighting design for the rock band My Morning Jacket’s recent tour.

Use new tech to stand out

With 87% of marketers using video content in their campaigns, it can be difficult to get your video to break through. Using a studio that can provide the latest in video technology can help tell your story in a different and engaging way.

"Video technologies–and by extension, the ways in which you can convey your brand’s message visually–are constantly evolving,” said Leo Bonarrigo, executive video producer at massAV. “Increasing image quality and screen resolution, the interactive possibilities of VR and AR, and non-traditional methods like projection mapping are all contributing to new and exciting brand experiences.”

Whether using computer animation and motion graphics to emphasize key messages or you are creating an interactive experience, working with a studio gives you the access to the technology you need to tell an effective brand story.

“What remains unchanged is the importance of storytelling, brand consistency, and audience immersion,” said Bonarrigo.

What is a cyclorama studio?

A cyclorama, sometimes referred to as a cyc wall or infinity call, is a set design technique that gives the viewer the illusion of an infinite background. By using a curtain or wall background stretched tight in an arc, you can create the illusion of a sky within the video production studio.

This technique has origins in 19th-century German theater and has carried into modern video production with a wide variety of uses. Creating a seamless background, whether for a product video or a stand-up shot of an actor delivering a key message about your company, the cyclorama allows a video production studio to use a wide range of lighting techniques and special effects, creating a polished look unlike anything you can produce outside the studio.

One of the most common uses is in commercials, like this example for the iconic, “Get a Mac” Apple campaign, but there are many other examples of commercials and music videos that also use creative lighting to give the background smooth and seamless rich color. Look for a studio with a cyclorama if your company wants a video where the product will be front-and-center, portrayed in a sleek and simple way.

Endless options with a green screen

The use of a green screen is one of the oldest video techniques around and is still in use today for good reason. This versatile technique allows you to show off a product or person with a background of your choosing. While some people associate green screen videos with a more artificial and less professional look, this is certainly not the case at a skilled video production studio, which can add animation, motion graphics, or stunning video to the background.

Access to Experts

With video production tools readily available for purchase online, it can be tempting for a company to invest in high-end equipment to produce videos. While you may be able to sell the cost of the equipment, software and time to the CEO, you’ll also need to hire or train someone to do all that work.

It’s easy to underestimate the value a professional studio staff brings to your video production efforts, but when you invest in working with a video production studio, you also get the specialists you need to make your video shine. More importantly is the value it delivers to your company’s bottom line. Bonnarigo said that when using a studio and professionals dedicated to video production, you get a higher level of service and a better-looking product in less time.

“In order to truly maximize your investment in video–in whatever form it takes–it’s best to start with your end goal in mind, and ask two key questions: who is my audience, and what do I want them to think and feel about my brand?” said Bonarrigo. “Go one step further than the simple answers like "I want them to buy my product" or "I want to increase brand awareness. Establish your end goals, and then engage with a production partner that will bring the creativity, expertise, and capabilities to bring your ideas to life and achieve these goals,”

If you’re interested in learning more about the value a professional video production studio brings to your company, check out massAV's video production capabilities, or take a closer look at our studio specs by downloading our studio services whitepaper.


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