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The Stagedge Events Playbook

By Stagedge Team | 2 min read
The Stagedge Events Playbook

Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Event a Success!


With nearly a half-century of event production experience, we know a thing or two about what it takes to plan and execute a successful event. It’s the lifeblood of what we do. You can say It’s in our DNA. We also know that planning an event can be a herculean effort and every step in the process takes skill, strategy, creativity, technical know-how, and empathy (a lot of empathy)!

Event planners must learn to leverage every tool in their toolbox to maximize their budget, attract and engage their audience and stakeholders, and achieve critical organizational outcomes. All of this while managing travel logistics, coordination between vendors, and making sure attendees can get their coffee before the general session starts.EventIndustryPlaybook-Cover

Does that sound like you

Do you feel the headache coming on

If so, no worries we’ve got you covered. We created this comprehensive, no-cost guide to corporate event planning and production to inspire, inform, and support you . . . and to relieve you of that headache!

Let's Take a Look at What's Inside

At Stagedge, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent. And that transparency is not just reserved for our clients but for prospective clients as well and it starts from our first call. Even before you’ve signed a contract with us, we are here to offer up our expertise and ideas, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions with honesty and insight.

In that light, this playbook comes from our experience and is designed for you. ​

It covers various aspects of event planning and production, including:

Project management

Vendor selection

Attendee experience

Keynote speakers

Video production

Technology integration



and Event accessibility

The guide emphasizes the importance of:

Careful planning


and Attention to detail to deliver successful and memorable events

It provides step-by-step instructions including:

Common mistakes to avoid

Best practices

and Tips for international event production

It also highlights the need for project management software and the importance of having a dedicated project manager for successful event planning. ​

It offers guidance on selecting:

The Perfect venue

Creating engaging keynote presentations

and Upgrading video production for a high-quality viewing experience

Additionally, it provides insights on:

Incorporating technology into event strategies

Reaching attendees through hybrid events

and Ensuring cybersecurity and sustainability in event planning

Overall, the playbook serves as a valuable resource for event planners, providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to plan and execute successful events. ​

This is our gift to you. Keep it close and use it as a reference guide throughout the year. And as you plan out your next event make sure to keep it handy and make it your “go-to-guide” for all the answers to your questions.

Download here and enjoy!

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