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The Rise and Fall of Virtual Event Software

The Rise and Fall of Virtual Event Software

Invest in a Platform and Streaming Technology? Or Invest in an Event Production Partner?


Fizzle out, flame out, die out, or deteriorate? No matter what you want to call it, the truth is that the novelty of virtual event software is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Why? Not to beat a dead horse, but during the pandemic CEOs needed a quick fix (or at least that is what they thought they needed) to keep physical appearances down but make it possible for folks to attend meetings/events from the confines of their homes. That makes sense – right? Absolutely and there is plenty of good technology to make that happen.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to today. Again, not to belabor the COVID situation or the painstaking adjustments the live events industry needed to make, but as the recent Axios article stated some venture capitalists bought into the predictions that “a never-ending explosion of virtual events was here to stay.” This led to billions of dollars being raised in venture capital and numerous mergers and acquisitions. A global pandemic can certainly cause your decision-making to go a little sideways. But to no fault of their own, they did what they had to do to keep the events plugging along and they should be applauded for that.

"Some venture capitalists bought into the predictions that “a never-ending explosion of virtual events was here to stay.”


Did your company hop on the virtual event software train during the pandemic? What if you could hit the rewind button and revisit those conversations and (ultimately) decisions on whether to invest in streaming technology (or not?) What would you do differently? I know that these are hypothetical questions and there is no time machine to take us back, but here are 6 questions you can ask yourself now:

  1. Before you renew your subscription, have you considered hiring an event production partner?
  2. What’s the ROI on a subscription vs. a partner running your tech for you?
  3. Is that service even running anymore?
  4. Do you have an in-house expert at running that technology?
  5. Is it seamless and sophisticated?
  6. Can your brand afford a subpar virtual experience?


Last week, Microsoft officially launched its new virtual event platform; “Town Halls for Teams” and is retiring “Teams Live Events.” Anything that has Microsoft in its naming syntax is almost guaranteed to ensure quality. And I’m sure the new Town Hall platform is no exception. However, due to popular belief and despite its namesake, these platforms take away the humanistic and relationship aspects of event planning (yes, virtual events should be about partnerships and accountability too). So, the biggest question is who’s servicing these events while they are taking place? Is it an unmanned laptop that relies on software alone to make sure things are running smoothly? We all know the benefits and importance of hosting virtual events, but what does that say about ensuring a streamlined, quality event?

And, what about logistical issues that are almost guaranteed to arise with the launch of any new (and old) software? Is that a risk you want to take?

What happens once the shininess and “new car smell” wear off? Will it be the introduction of yet another new (and different) experience? We’re seeing that now with the introduction of Town Halls and the retirement of Teams Live Events. Or will it be another downfall of virtual event software altogether? Will we be limited to only a select few providers?

"What happens once the shininess and “new car smell” wear off? Will it be the introduction of yet another new (and different) experience"?

I don’t have the answers to these questions and concerns, but that is exactly what they are – questions and concerns. Truth be told, questions and concerns will always be a part of any equation, but wouldn’t it be reassuring to have a partner who is holding your hand every step of the way throughout the entire event lifecycle? An actual event production partner that shares your same vision from concept to completion . . . and beyond? A game-changing collaboration of knowledge and expertise that is more like an extension of your team versus just another event production company? A full-service solution with an always-evolving technology stack that continues to “wow” audiences worldwide with captivating brand experiences?



Call me biased, but if you were nodding your head while reading this, you can start and stop with Stagedge. For over 40 years, Stagedge has been a pioneer in live, virtual, and hybrid event production. Staying consistent with its core values and dedication to driving innovation, Stagedge has had to reinvent itself throughout the years with perseverance but without limitations, keeping it ahead of the curve.

The ability to host virtual events is a prime example of this innovation and perseverance that took place before, during, and after the pandemic. While a lot of companies were investing in unknown virtual event software, or turning to production companies who were scratching their heads without a clue, Stagedge was mastering it. I can only chalk this up to their company-wide expertise and lifeline in their relationships with their customers and partners.

Three years prior to the COVID shutdown it was decided that it needed to expand its customer journey repertoire by providing turn-key virtual event capabilities and do it well. As it turned out, that decision left them “totally” prepared to produce virtual events at the highest possible level (albeit dealing with all the nuances of a worldwide crisis). Classify it as a “virtual savior” throughout the duration of the pandemic. A savior not only for the customers but for the Stagedge employees.

“I’ve used Stagedge for both in-person live events as well as virtual events. They are truly amazing, and I can’t say enough about the quality and professionalism of their work.”

- C-Level Executive, Dynatrace

This is the Stagedge difference! Need I say more? Get connected with the event production experts and bring your virtual event to life today!


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