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Video from Home: How To Look (and Sound) Your Best On Camera

Video from Home: How To Look (and Sound) Your Best On Camera

Sharing video from home is a great way to maintain your face-to-face communication with your audience – but not
everyone is an expert at creating a high quality videos on their own! Luckily, our video production experts have outlined the 4 Key Elements to consider when setting up for your 'at home' video shoot.

1. Strive for Quiet

Quiet Image_Hush

Choose the space in your home that is the farthest away
from any outside noise, loud appliances, and other
people in your home. Unless you’re using a professional
microphone, even the slightest ambient noise can be
cause a distraction for your audience.

2. Make it Bright


When it comes to smartphone cameras and webcams:
light = information. The more information you can give
the camera the better. If your room is too dark, the
camera will try best to boost the brightness, but this
creates a lot of digital noise and image distortion – it may
not be noticeable at first glance, but it will definitely be
an eyesore for your viewers.

3. Get Connected


Internet bandwidth is crucial regardless of what
device you’re recording or streaming on. Ensure that
you’re using either a wired ethernet connection, or have
rock-solid wifi and/or 4G cell service.

4. Keep it Clean

Clean_Office Wipe Down

Check your frame, or what the camera is seeing, and make
sure that your space is tidy. Too many objects in view or a cluttered work space can be distracting to the viewer and aesthetically unpleasant. You want your audience to focus on your message, not your messes!

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