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Meghan R. Welborn

Press Release

Press Release


Thriving woman-owned business lauded for 46 years of industry leadership and technological savvy.

BOSTON, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Stagedge, one of the nation's leading full-service production companies dedicated to conceiving, creating, and executing immersive brand experiences through live, virtual & hybrid events for enterprises around the world, today announces the one-year anniversary after a successful rebrand and continued growth in year 46 as a woman-owned business and industry pioneer.

The new brand identity, Stagedge, supports the production company's ongoing commitment to enhance their solutions and services to align with the evolving needs of their clients both nationally and internationally. Fueled by the company's significant growth in the virtual events market in 2020 and 2021, Stagedge has created thousands of virtual presentations, produced three hundred events, delivered online experiences to over half a million audience members in over 170 countries, streamed nearly twenty million minutes of content, created over five hundred videos and one hundred event websites for organizations around the world. The company has also partnered with nationally recognized technology leaders to produce immersive video and virtual reality content.

The organization has delivered immense value to brands around the world that have been forced to transform their planned live events into virtual experiences. When asked about the vision for the events industry going forward, Michael Basteri, Sr. Director of Solutions said, "After 2020, digital is now at the core of all that we do around design, building and delivering events. Events are no longer a moment in time and space, but year-long conversations within communities where attendees can have meaningful engagement. With digital, our clients are able to seek people within their orbit year-round, whether it's through virtual events, community forums, or content strategies, and that digital component then becomes a massive marketing funnel for future events– and that's a very powerful proposition."

"There is already an evolution towards more meaningful communities and exploring how we can start to link these various communities together to make monetization opportunities even richer," said Meghan R. Welborn, Director of Marketing and Sales. "As part of the rebrand, Stagedge looks to the future of events and supports plans to continue expanding, growing internal teams and expanding partnerships that are strategically positioned to service clients."

"The new brand was developed internally by Stagedge's immensely talented team, along with a new operational process intended to provide world-class client service in an ever-changing market," said Patricia Basteri, Owner and President of Stagedge, adding, "This milestone in our company's history is a testament to the adaptability and never-ending commitment of our team to help our clients wow audiences through any medium, in any venue, and on any device around the world."

About Stagedge
Stagedge has been powering event and video experiences for global brands for nearly 50 years. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Stagedge is one of the nation's leading enterprises dedicated to conceiving, producing, and executing immersive brand experiences through live, virtual and hybrid events and video productions domestically, and around the world. With a proven, partner-collaboration service model and an ever-evolving portfolio of technology and creative solutions, Stagedge delivers captivating brand experiences with a digital-first, on-demand process custom built to meet the needs of all our clients in real time. From live-chat support with production experts on Stagedge.com, to leveraging enterprise-level project management and collaboration tools, every client engagement is transparent, convenient, and goal-oriented. Driven by technology and sustained by providing helpful, human interactions throughout the production, and lead by an experienced Producer, Stagedge sets clients up for successful brand experiences and events every time - no matter the size or scope.

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