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Finding Longevity and Satisfaction: Three Reasons to Consider a Career in the Events Industry

By Stagedge Team | 2 min read
Finding Longevity and Satisfaction: Three Reasons to Consider a Career in the Events Industry

With more than 40 million people leaving their jobs in the past year, many Americans are searching for new career paths that offer more flexibility, better growth possibilities, and opportunities for a more meaningful impact. Jobseekers who value collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity may want to consider a career in the events industry. This growing field thrives on people with skills in communications, marketing, and hospitality. Whether you’re looking for a change or are just starting out in the job market, read on for three reasons why a job in the events industry might be a great fit.


#1. A growing industry with long-term feasibility

Between 2020 and 2030, the job outlook for the events industry is expected to grow 18%—much faster than average. In a recent survey, nearly all B2B marketers said that events had a major impact on business outcomes, meaning this industry is here to stay for the foreseeable future. And while artificial intelligence (AI) is phasing out other jobs, computers can’t easily replicate the skills required for event planning. Many of these skills are listed in Forbes' "10 Skills Robots Can't Replace In the Workplace (Yet)": complex decision-making, teamwork, and adaptability, to name a few. Event Producers are tasked with thinking on their feet and creative problem-solving—skills that will always be in demand.



#2. Variety in roles, types of events, and clients

From courses of study to the types of events you produce, the events sector is all about variety. College degrees in communications, public relations, hospitality, or even theater all provide the creative skillsets relevant to event services. Administrative staff working in technology, finance, or customer service for event planning consultants will still interface with a diverse array of clients in varying industries. The events industry is a people-facing career. Expect to jump in and assist a colleague at a moment’s notice— and to be supported in return—as teamwork and collaboration are essential to event success. Given all the industries that the creative services sector touches, you’ll work with people you might not otherwise encounter: performers and speakers, vendors and consultants, and guests and clients from a myriad of industries.

#3. A space where you’re engaged and appreciated

Staying engaged and challenged is a critical component of workplace satisfaction, and in the events industry, there is never an ordinary day. You can expect to work on all kinds of projects, from festivals and fundraising galas to product launches and sporting events. This variety also extends to your daily tasks and the locations you’ll visit. You might converse with a client one day, spend the next day brainstorming with vendors, and still another day lead an event. And because the need for creative services isn’t exclusive to any specific part of the world, you can change your location whenever the opportunity knocks. Whether in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of both, the most rewarding part of the event coordination process is being able to watch your event unfold successfully. After months of hard work and meticulous planning, workers in the event industry can witness the fruits of their labor, instilling a sense of purpose. And having meaningful work ranked as one of the most significant sources of happiness, according to a recent Ipsos survey.



With all of the possibilities and skillsets needed for success in the events industry, figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. Whether you’re just beginning your career in the events industry or you’re a veteran looking for insight into a specific topic, it’s helpful to have a trusted place to go for support. An established and experienced event planning business often offers jobs at any stage of the career path, from internships to freelance gigs and full-time work. Check out Stagedge’s career page for open positions

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