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8 Tips For Creating Product Videos That Stand Out

By Stagedge Team | 2 min read
8 Tips For Creating Product Videos That Stand Out

You know in your heart that your products are the best in the world. Now you need to take that knowledge and share it (in convincing fashion) with everyone, and impress them in the process. But how?

How about with a product video? If you're not sure where to start, we have eight tips for creating a product video that will stand out from the pack and win over your audience.

#1. Identify what makes your product unique

Everything flows from here. If your product is special and high-quality, it should be relatively simple to make a list of features or facets that set it apart from everything else in the marketplace. That will provide you with your focus for the product video.

#2. Determine what you want to say

Once you've got a list of attributes that make your product a standout, you have to figure out what you're going to say about it. Write up a short script that succinctly describes it, plus benefits, features, and how to purchase it, so that customers who are amped up by your video have an easy way to buy.

#3. Find the right space to shoot your video

There are many factors to consider here. Where do you have enough space to feature the product and shoot your video? How is the lighting? Is there ambient noise you don't want to deal with?

If you're struggling with the location, you can always check out a third party studio like massAV's Cyclorama, where everything is built to ensure high quality filming.

#4. Establish a voice for your message

Whether it be on camera or in a voiceover, the tone of the narrative in your product video is critical. Establishing the best possible tone for the language in your video means understanding your audience and balancing their culture against your company culture, meaning you should pick someone who is comfortable handling the product, or a professional spokesperson who can ensure a consistent, relaxed delivery of your copy.

#5. Get the product shots right

This one's all about framing your product in the most appealing way. You want to show the best features of the product at all times, make sure the proceedings are well-lit, and choose interesting angles. If you and your staff aren't A/V savvy, consider reaching out to someone who is.

#6. Create action

No matter what your product is, you can film it in action. Think of every paper towel commercial you've ever seen and recall how exciting they can make cleaning up a mess seem, and you can probably brainstorm a dynamic use for your product. As a rule of thumb, at least a third of your product video should feature the product in action, so plan accordingly.

#7. Have some fun with it

You can't always pitch your brand in a light-hearted way, but if it's at all possible, you can create a lot more engagement and interest around your video. Exhibit A is the fun "Will it Blend?" series, which showcases how powerful this brand of blenders is in a pretty whimsical way. Viewers will be able to tell if you're putting care and love into the video, or just filming out of a sense of obligation.

#8. Edit wisely

You're not shooting an infomercial (as fun as those are) so letting your video drag on or indulge in awkward moments of silence means you'll lose the viewer quickly. Keep the length manageable (no more than 2-3 minutes), keep the proceedings moving, and ensure there's enough in every shot to keep a viewer engaged.

With these tips, you're well on your way to creating a product video so good as to be irresistible. If you need help with any of these steps, we're just a phone call away.


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