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“It's been incredible. You can tell that the Stagedge team have passion for everything they do.”
Tiffany Hoyt - Event Specialist

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Executive Summary

bioMerieux is a worldwide leader in in-vitro diagnostics, offering microbiological testing solutions for medical and industrial applications. In 2021, they were seeking a production partner to transform their international sales meeting into a virtual event. An online experience that would educate, engage, and showcase a recent merger.

BioFire and bioMerieux have joined forces as one global brand and this year's sales meeting would be their first with the merged teams. To celebrate the unification of these two organizations, we developed the meetings theme “Come Together”.

Executive Summary

With the strict gathering guidelines in place due to COVID19, Nationally recognized non-profit Foster Forward knew they needed to pivot to a virtual fundraising event that would provide them with the vital funding to continue their day to day operations improving the lives of foster children.

Foster Forward partnered with Greater Giving to setup a live auction, complete with a virtual ‘Giving thermometer’ and featuring the names of donors displayed in real time and integrated into the broadcast.

To execute this multi-state production, massAV travelled the critical equipment and team of virtual event experts to the studio in Rhode Island where, adhering to new socially distance and sterilization protocols, our team brought the virtual experience to life and delivered the broadcast-quality live stream to the nationwide audience.


bioMerieux came to Stagedge with the challenge of turning their in-person meeting into a virtual experience. They needed a production partner that could take this on from inception to execution and guide them along the way.

The bioMerieux team had no experience with virtual events and required the expertise and the white glove service Stagedge is known for.

The primary concern was the timeline. With only had 58 working days to produce the event. The Stagedge team jumped into action and collaborated directly with the bioMerieux team to bring the event to life on time and on budget.

Stagedge Expertise

Stagedge jumped in with our Executive Producer, Creative Director and Director of Experience to create the theme and design the creative elements for the virtual event.

Our technical team traveled for a site-survey and collaborated with the venue to develop the technical schematics needed to bring the stage production to life.

The production team conceptualized the stage design and developed a Covid compliant production plan, ensuring the venue was not only socially distanced but immersive and engaging for the virtual audience.

Our Art Director and Senior Solutions Engineer took the lead in the creative look and feel of the virtual venue website – powered by Brightcove.

What biomerieux has to say

“Our executives today said, ‘These guys are outstanding!’ It’s a real testament to the open communication and relationship that we have built with Stagedge.” 

Tiffany Hoyt
Event Specialist